How to Celebrate Easter and make it special while social distancing


This is our Easter picture from last year. It was our normal Easter Sunday.  We went to church, I sang in the choir, Dan played in the orchestra, and the kids had a special Easter program in kid’s church.  We did Easter baskets, had an Easter egg hunt, and had lunch with grandparents and cousins.   This year will look much different and that’s ok.  We still have the things that truly matter: each other and our faith.  Here are some tips on making Easter special despite social distancing.

  1. Do the things you normally do.  Put on Easter outfits (if that’s your norm), hunt Easter eggs, watch your Easter service online, and fill Easter baskets.  Keep the traditions alive.
  2. Acknowledge that things will be different this year.  Kids are smart and they know when things aren’t right.  Tell them that yes, these are difficult, scary times, but there are still things to celebrate.   Emphasize the religious importance of the holiday because that is constant.
  3. Start a new tradition.  This year is going to be different, so try something new and fun.  Make an Easter cake together or try a new Easter craft.
  4. My kids will miss our big family Easter dinner.  They love seeing grandparents and cousins.  In order to still feel connected, we are going to make Easter goodie bags and leave on their doorsteps.
  5. Stay positive.  It’s hard, REALLY hard.  There are days that I really struggle, but attitude is everything.  This is only temporary and we will get through it


Now to the fun part!! If you’re like me, Easter is sneaking up on you! I’ve rounded up some great Easter basket ideas and some budget friendly Easter looks!  I didn’t want to spend a ton on their outfits since we will just be at home!!


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Everything you need for Easter



Wishing you all a Happy Easter!! As hard as it will be, PLEASE stay safe and socially distanced.  You can get everything you need online or through pick up at local businesses.  Thanks so much for following along and supporting my side gig! God bless you and keep you healthy during this time of uncertainty!




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